WordPress website structure

WordPress websites consist of 3 major structural elements.

  1. WordPress Core. It wouldn’t be a WP (WordPress) site without WP core. At the time of this writing, WP core 5.8 was just released.
  2. WordPress Theme. The site theme provides the visual presentation or appearance of the site. Only 1 theme can deliver the site presentation at any given time. However there is support for “Child Themes” which add features to a base theme or change the appearance of certain elements. Site developers are always encouraged to use child themes when working with a 3rd party base theme.
  3. WordPress Plugins. WP plugins provide functionality to your WordPress site. For example WooCommerce provide ecommerce functionality including a shopping cart, products and payments. There are WP plugins for nearly anything you can imagine, making WordPress the most “pluggable” and modular software ever made.

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