WordPress Statistics 2023: 7 Awesome WP Stats You Cannot Miss Out!

WordPress has been the #1 CMS software on the market for over a decade. Let’s take a look today at some of the amazing WordPress statistics 2023 that illustrate WordPress in it’s dominant market position.

WordPress has spent a long time in the industry, and it’s still among the most trending tech topics that IT specialists, bloggers, and business owners take equal interest in. The famous CMS is user-friendly and highly customizable, making it the favorite of all types of users out there.

Top 7 WordPress Statistics 2023

These 7 WordPress Statistics 2023 will give you a quick sneak peek into WordPress usage & market trends around the world:

#1 – WordPress Is Turning 20 Years Old Soon

Yup! WordPress will be 20 on May 27 this year. The technology still seems new due to the innovation its community always brings to the table. However, CMS technology has spent good 2 decades in the world of technology.

#2 – WordPress powers over 42.9% of all websites on the internet

As of 2023, WordPress powers over 42.9% of all websites on the internet. This means that out of every 10 websites you visit, 4 of them are likely built using WordPress. [At SaberWP, 10 of 10 are built with WordPress 😉 ]

The platform’s popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, versatility, and vast library of plugins and themes available to customize its functionality and appearance.

WordPress Statistics 2023 Post - SaberWP
WordPress Statistics 2023 Post – SaberWP

#3 – As of January 2023, WooCommerce was estimated to be used by over 6.7 million active websites worldwide.

BuiltWith’s report says so very clearly. WooCommerce’s popularity can be attributed to its integration with WordPress, which is a widely used content management system, as well as its ease of use, versatility, and wide range of plugins and extensions available to enhance its functionality.

#4 – There exist 60,000+ Free WordPress Plugins.

WordPress free plugins’ directory, at the time of writing of this article, contains 60k+ “free” plugins. However, that’s not it. There are thousands of premium plugins with millions of websites using them. So, it won’t be an overstatement to say that the market has a total of 1 Million (approximately) WordPress plugins at present.

#5 – WordPress has a 65% Share in the CMS Technology Market

No other CMS (Content Management System) technology in the market is as popular as WordPress today. There are players like Shopify and Wix that are growing faster, and like Joomla! and Drupal with a steady market share, but none has statistics as amazing as our favorite!

#6 – WordPress Market is Growing at the Rate of 500 Sites a Day

Yes. You read the 6th WordPress Statistics 2023 correctly. More than 500 new websites or online shops are created every day using WordPress. So, just as it amazing growth recorded in the past, WordPress’s stats are set to remain fascinating in the near future too. Thanks to WordPress’s creator Company, Automattic, alongside the vast community and WordPress Development businesses (including SaberWP) that are working continuously to improve and upgrade WordPress.

#7 – WooCommerce has 238 Million Downloads by March 2023

WooCommerce is among the immensely popular plugins that see 1+ Million downloads a day multiple times a year. It is the essential plugin when you want to run an online store using WordPress. Launched in 2011, the plugin is really powerful and worthy of the attention it gets in the WordPress community.

By now, WooCommerce is downloaded 238 MILLION times if the stats are to be believed!

There are 5 Million active installs, 3350+ 5-star ratings, and thousands of WooCommerce-compatible plugins today. WooCommerce is available in 67 languages.

These were the top WP stats the SaberWP team considered the most amazing for our readers. Hope you liked WordPress Statistics 2023. Let us know if we have missed a major stat related to WordPress, and we’ll try adding it. And in case you want WordPress development services, reach out immediately.

Casey Milne

Founder of SaberWP. PHP Programmer for the past 20-years.