LearnDash Question Pool

LearnDash Question Pool provides your students with a “testing first” approach to learning. Instead of questions being buried away inside quizzes and courses they come out to be front and center. This plugin was designed for use on exam prep sites and other sites that put a focus on learning by testing.

This plugin makes a great transition plugin for users of WP Pro Quiz. As you may know already, WP Pro Quiz has finally been retired from the official WordPress directory. However, the same great features that made WP Pro Quiz so popular including stats storage are all bundled into LearnDash. In fact LearnDash is built on top of the original WP Pro Quiz and over 99% of the code in the LearnDash quiz system is original WP Pro Quiz code. If you are already using WP Pro Quiz but you want to keep your site updated and ensure it is running only support plugins, consider the combination of LearnDash plus the LearnDash Question Pool extension.