Why we chose Updraft over WP DB Migrate

Both Updraft and WP DB Migrate are potentially good choices for solving the problem of how to move WordPress sites from one server to another, create testing and staging sites and keep them in sync. Which one works best? In our experience Updraft is a better fit. Also with Updraft we don’t see any need either for WP DB Migrate or for or previous go to which was Duplicator.

I’ve used WP DB Migrate on and off for many years and sometimes it’s installed already on a client site. I think it’s a reasonably good concept and with the pro version it might be what you need in some instances. However for our team, Updraft provides a more complete solution. In fact I used to favor Duplicator over WP DB Migrate. The only time I tried WP DB Migrate I found it didn’t work for the multisite I was working on and I ended up refunding it. Duplicator Pro on the other hand served as a useful utility plugin for us over many years. What these 2 WordPress plugins have in common is that they both tend to solve part of the problems faced involving migrate and syncing of dev and staging sites. I prefer solutions that are robust and fully think through a problem to solve it as fully as possible. Updraft seems to get that right in a way that it’s competition do not.

Updraft takes the right approach to solving the problems we face as devs in this area. They realize just having the plugin alone might not always be enough, so they have created cloud services to help. This includes UpdraftCentral and UpdraftVault services. The use of services associated with a WordPress plugin is probably something we’ll continue to see even more of in the years to come.

The pricing for Updraft seems fair and reasonable given the importance of the plugin our workflow. Like most WordPress plugins there are significant discounts for multiple site licensing. We went with the 10 site license package initially, of course there is always the option to upgrade if we were to run out of licenses.

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