Using workspaces in Saber Commerce

Saber Commerce includes a section called Workspaces, and if you’re not familiar with the term it might not be clear what this is used for. We borrow this term from project management and collab tools like ClickUp which now tend to use it in favor of “project” or “campaign”. It can be thought of as a “generic term for division of work”. Because different types of businesses may favor one of the more specific terms like “project” or “campaign”, using “workspaces” or just “Spaces” like ClickUp does is a way to divide up work and create a manageable approach without defining a specific work type.

In Saber Commerce, where we’re not handling lists of tickets or tasks, you might wonder why we included a workspace section at all. The reason is because it enables “per project billing” or other forms of dividing timesheets and invoicing according to projects and campaigns.

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