Using ClickUp for ticket and issue management

When ClickUp burst onto the scene I was one of the first users to adopt it. I fell in love immediately. Never before have I see a piece of software so versatile, customizable and user-friendly. It strikes a nice balance between usability and depth of features. To a new user I could see the UX potentially being overwhelming in the sense of a lot of options presented on some of the screens. However ClickUp always does every feature to the max, nearly everything is how you might hope it is. Meaning if you think maybe I can drag this and drop it, yes you probably can. Does this thing open up as a menu? Probably. Everything is interactive in ClickUp. Everything is also customizable in ClickUp, particularly the main working areas the tickets and boards.

ClickUp’s stated mission is to help organizations of all sizes and shapes to become more productive. Their claim of helping users save 1-day a week may seem bold, but I think compared to many other options on the market it’s certainly possible. I think of the system like my virtual office. It’s where all the work is concentrated together. I think centralization of work and information about the details of work is really crucial to both personal productivity but also to your mental health. Confusion, feelings of frustration and overwhelm… these are easy things to experience in an increasingly complex world. Our work has more details and demands than every before. We need tools that have kept pace with the increased challenges our work contains.

Kanban board view from SaberWP’s ClickUp.

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