Transcript for the Saber Commerce Presentation About Invoicing

Hi this is Kenneth here with SaberWP your WordPress programming experts. Today I’ll talking about the invoicing functionality of Saber Commerce. The ability to create invoices right in the WP admin, and to enable automation of time tracking and invoicing was one of the major motivations to build Saber Commerce. Since that initial concept Saber Commerce has grown into far more than a time tracking application and invoicing system. This is because we recognized that some of our innovations in the invoicing area would also be helpful in a more complex system, and we didn’t want our customers to still have gaps like not having a way to sell products. In other words we didn’t want to become a partial solution in the way that WooCommerce is in regards to invoicing.

So let’s get into the heart of the issue. Freelancers sell time. Agencies mainly sell time. Employees of course, also sell time. So why doesn’t WooCommerce have better support for transactions involving time? That was the fundamental starting point of our quest to build a better way for companies to do ecommerce with WordPress. We felt time should be valued as much as products. It’s not good enough to say that you can pretend time is a product and then pretend an order is an invoice and then pretend a checkout process is the same as an invoice payment process. These systems are simply different. The terminology is different, the optimal flow for the user is different, the data and the feature set needed in a robust system is different. So invoicing and cart orders are just entirely different things. They can share a lot in a system designed to support both, but it is nearly impossible to tack on invoicing to a system focused primarily on shopping cart orders. This is demonstrated most simply by looking at what you might have to do to use WooCommerce as an invoicing tool. The first step of course is become an expert at 3-4 programming languages! PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML. You’ll need the full-stack to turn WC into an effective invoicing tool. It’s been done by developers before, just not in a way that worked well as an extension. You know how they say WooCommerce has an extension for everything? First off that means too many things are missing from WC, but also it means that invoicing must just not be a good fit for the system, because there has yet to emerge a prominent invoicing extension for WooCommerce. Our analysis was and still is, that building invoicing into WC would be harder than building an entirely separate platform.

In Saber Commerce we think in terms of how software can help people save time and enable the to focus on what matters. That’s why we baked timesheets into Saber Commerce. You might not think this is a normal part of an ecommerce software suite, at least not part of the core. But having timesheets enables automation in the generating of time-based invoices. With Saber Commerce you can either semi-automate invoice creation, or even fully-automate it. As a smaller business owner, have you ever wondered how AWS and Google and dozens of other big companies produce their invoices? I bet you realize their not sitting around typing the line items in one row at a time, or manually drafting and revising and sending them either. The fact is automation saves you time and money, and it also produces a better result. Because automated invoices are actually many times less likely to have errors. After all, most errors involving administration processes in a business, are human error. Now you might not be ready for total automation of invoicing, and that’s totally fine. You can just start by using the Saber Commerce timesheets, converting them as drafts into invoices, then you can manually review the invoices, send them when your ready. You can start with whatever level of automation is comfortable for you, and you can always increase that automation later as your business grows.

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