The science of CTA effectiveness

Today we’re going to talk about CTA’s (Calls to Action). The right call to action on a webpage can make all the difference between driving sales versus falling short in the results department. After all we put a lot of hard work into design, into development, but what about conversion? This is the all important factor that makes the difference to the company bottom-line.

Make your CTA highly visible

Visibility is the first component of an effective CTA approach for any site. You don’t want the part that matters most buried away, set to the side or even hidden in a smaller screen view. Just making sure your users see it is important. Part of visibility is the design of the CTA, making sure it stands out compared to everything around it.

Make your CTA valuable from the user’s perspective

A CTA is more or less an offer or a sales pitch. Sometimes the purpose of a CTA is to actually purchase right now, but a lot of the time it’s a precursor to potentially purchasing. Even when there is no immediate sale involved, it’s still a selling situation. It’s a situation where the user is being asked at minimum to invest time into clicking and viewing something, likely being asked to identify themselves and share information. You must be certain what you’re offering in return is something the user wants. Thinking about the offer carefully and being open to feedback from test subjects, or real life users is key to the process of refining the CTA offer. For instance this is where A/B split testing can be used to find out which offers work best in various positions.

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