Have you ever met somebody who actually enjoys writing documentation? Well now you have! Because at SaberWP several of our team members really enjoying documenting websites and systems. We have a true passion for it that is inspired by the fact that software without documentation, is completely useless. True story!

The idea of documenting websites and not just free standing software is relatively new and hasn't been put into place outside of major websites. The reality is that websites ARE software, they use software, and most interestingly, they use more complex software than what is found in a typical SAAS. A WordPress website has not only the core CMS (WordPress itself) but also often contains a collection of WordPress plugins. And then there is the theme layer. If any piece of software needs docs, it's custom WordPress themes. These pieces of software have a lot going on, they provide templates for your site, they provide post formats, they contain dozens, sometimes hundreds of settings that directly impact how your website is presented to users.

Products and packages that we offer for documentation of your software projects and websites include:

Documentation Portal, Standard Development Package

Documentation Writing, Hourly