Adding motion to a website can dramatically increase the enjoyment for the user and make a more vibrant experience! A simple way to add motion is with small animated SVG's like the preset animations available from the FontAwesome collection. FontAwesome provides thousands of SVG's, and all of them can be animated in interesting ways. When your a client of SaberWP you'll have access to the full FontAwesome collection with all it's animation options.

For custom animation projects we use the GSAP (GreenSock) library which includes tools like ScrollTrigger for running animations when a user scrolls down a page. GSAP is world well respected for the quality and consistency of it's web animation library. Features include being able to setup a timeline, this is helpful for complex animations that need to run sequentially.

A common use of animation on many website project is to provide animated landing screens and skeleton loading screens. The motion provided on these screens helps the user feel better if they do have to wait for content loading, and studies confirm that this is effective at reducing the perception of wait times.

Product packages we offer that include animation are typically found in the web development category. Generally animation is added onto an existing website development project. If you're working with us already, ask your project manager what animation options they could incorporation into the project.

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