// Template include.
add_filter('template_include', [$this, 'template'] );

// Register the template for the 'course' post type
function template($template) {

  // Course single.
  if (is_singular('course')) {
  $template = SABER_LMS_PATH . 'templates/single-course.php';

  // Question single.
  if (is_singular('question')) {
  $template = SABER_LMS_PATH . 'templates/single-question.php';

  return $template;


In a WordPress plugin we can use template_include filter to provide a default template that will be used under various conditions. The most common condition would be to provide a single post template for a custom post type that the plugin registers. Another common condition is to provide an archive template for a taxonomy or post type archive that the plugin registers.

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