Documentation Writing Hourly



Our documentation writing services can be applied either to software we build for you, or for existing codebases and software regardless of how or when it was built. We specialize in documentation of WordPress websites, WP plugins and custom WP themes. This product is a single hour of documentation writing service, please choose the unit number based on the number of hours you want performed.

Why would you want to document a website you ask? That’s a very smart looking question. It’s actually understandable why most website owners do not bother with docs for their site. It’s partly because most of the code is not their own, it’s not custom, it’s 3rd party theme code and plugin code. Then there is the cost factor, why pay for docs if you’re not even sure anybody will ever read them? And that’s getting at the heart of the issue, why would anybody care to read docs for a website when they could just login and figure things out on the fly in the case of admin processes, or read the repo codebases in the case of custom themes and plugins?

All of these concerns about the value and purpose of website docs can be summarized by this example. Imagine you’re running an elearning site and you have a question editing process that involves linking a question to an addition post that provides study materials. There is an ACF field group provided to create the UI. A number of options exist that affect how quizzes are displayed and how questions are presented to the user during the course of their testing session. Now given all of this complexity, what are the odds that you as a site owner or us as developers, could rapidly train a new WP administrator to manage this type of content? How many hours of training would they need using tools like screensharing, Zoom meetings, adhoc documentation created on the fly, lists of steps in tickets, or tutorials? You see there are at least a dozen ways to compensate for the lack of docs, but none of these are as good as simply having docs. The investment into documentation even for websites, and even for processes that are fairly simple in nature, this investment will pay off over time in most cases. It is worth it especially when you consider the important of your site always being updated, all content being properly edited and published, all features being properly configured. If that’s the standard you set for your site, and that’s the value you want to deliver to your site visitors, then you need the documentation standards that help support those objectives.