Product Component Plans

The first version of Saber Commerce has only invoicing (and time tracking) support. It is only suitable for selling time-based services. In order to support product sales, Saber Commerce v2.0 will feature a new product component with catalog and cart functionality added.

Our plans to roll out product support will begin with only support for digital or downloadable products. This will enable us to build more rapidly, because we’re not concerned about shipping calculations and shipping costs, weights and measures and many other factors that make selling physical products more complex.

The component that will provide both the cart and the checkout flow will be named Checkout Component. A second added component will be named Product.

Saber Commerce v2.0 will feature digital product sales support with 2 new components:

  • Checkout Component
  • Product Component

The goal for release of Saber Commerce v2.0 is October of 2021.

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