1 Site

$199/per year

For the cost of 1-2 WC extensions, get access to every single Saber Commerce Pro Extension.

All Saber Commmerce Pro Extensions
Pro Tier Support

10 Sites

$799/per year

Our best rate at less than $100 per site. That's less than the cost of 1 WC extension per site.

All Saber Commmerce Pro Extensions
Pro Tier Support

How Saber Commerce Pro Licensing Works

When you buy a Saber Commerce Pro License you keep the core (free) Saber Commerce plugin installed. Like with WooCommerce, you will install pro extensions that add or change functionality. These extensions are separate WordPress plugins. Where Saber Commerce differs dramatically from WooCommerce, is that you don’t have to license or purchase each extension individually. You get access to all official Saber Commerce extensions with your Saber Commerce Pro License.


Licensing Key Points
Pro License Support

All Saber Commerce Pro buyers get access to the same fast, high quality technical support. The different package levels only affect the number of sites supported. We will require the domain name for a licensed site covered by your pro license when you access our support system.