Project standard rates from 60-80 USD.

Uncompromising service quality at affordable rates.

There will always be developers available at lower rates. Will they be as experienced? No. Will they have a project management system and collaborative PM processes? Probably not. Will they test thoroughly and avoid pushing the time and cost of testing back onto you and your team? Maybe, but no.

Project Standard Rate

Based on the complexity of your WordPress project, we will offer you a standardized rate between 60-80 USD per hour. This rate then serves as the default for the entire project.

Discounted Service Categories

We offer discounted rates on lower skilled service categories such as data entry for CMS projects or entry level marketing tasks.

Cost Efficiency

A key factor in development costs is how well organized the project is and the quality of project managemet decisions. These are areas that SaberWP excels in.

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