Our recommendations for WordPress web hosting

This site is hosted by Kinsta. We highly recommend Kinsta for their stability and exceptional support. As web developers we have experience with cloud hosting directly and still maintain servers with AWS, utilizing both their Lightsail and EC2 platforms. However, the reason we run this site on Kinsta is because we care about it. We care about it enough to pay a relatively high price to ensure it’s got the best possible uptime and performance. We can’t feel the same confidence in an EC2 server simply because we’re responsible there for the maintenance and the debugging if something goes wrong. In fact if we opted into Amazon’s support programs to help offset the risk of running our own servers on AWS, suddenly the cost would be similar or greater than what we typically pay at Kinsta. So when it comes to technical support, especially fast and truly helpful support, you’re going to pay for that no matter where you go.

There is no comparison at all between Kinsta’s support and the myriad of budget hosting options out there. It’s a not too secret reality of budget hosting that their game plan is almost always to somewhere blame your site or your developers for making the site “too heavy” or using up too many system resources. Sometimes these claims are true (WP sites that aren’t build well can be bloated). But in many cases it’s just company’s teaching their staff to spend more time defending the host than actually helping the customer.

Hosts we definitely ask you avoid are what we call “junk hosts”, topping that list would be GoDaddy, HostGator. These 2 in particular are infamous for the horrific performance of their servers, non-existent and unhelpful defensive support, and all around misleading advertising and poor business practices.

Worth mentioning as well just from an opinion standpoint is that we respect WPEngine and have often worked with WPEngine clients. There are a lot of similarities between WPEngine and Kinsta, both are built on top of Google Cloud infrastructure, both have amazing support ratings and both have a control panel very suited to development with it’s automated staging features. We do however feel Kinsta is just slightly better and we’re happy to recommend them first.

Both WPEngine and Kinsta are classes as “premium hosts” though each have starting packages that are fairly reasonable in pricing and will be enough in terms of limits for most start-up sites. However, if you want something more in the budget range, WordPress has often recommend SiteGround for this. We can’t speak from experience here. Another common choice in the budget hosting category would be BlueHost.

Generally we’d rank SiteGround and BlueHost as budget hosts that make an effort to deliver quality, unlike competitors HostGator and GoDaddy which are just junk. Honestly, our opinion is web hosting is not the right place to save money in a business. The difference may seem like a lot if you’re comparing a $10/month package to a $30/month package, but in any business this is the difference between pennies and pennies more or less. Certainly if the cheaper option costs you 1 customer, you made the wrong choice already.

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