Multiple user accounts in Saber Commerce

When Saber Commerce was just an idea, one of the first questions was how will this plugin really differentiate itself from WooCommerce? The concept we come up with for accounts was that of multiple user accounts. This is a feature that creates 2 levels to the account, the WP User is contained in a larger Saber Commerce account so that users don’t have to share their logins, and so that sites don’t have to code solutions or install extensions to properly support business clients. Saber Commerce accounts can have any number of users associated with them, which is modeled after how most SaaS apps handle user accounts.

When you sell to businesses, it is very common to need to provide access to at least 2 people or more. The contact you’re dealing with even on a small project, might have a bookkeeper they want to delegate payments to, or somebody else from their team that they want to involve. At SaberWP we’re not just thinking of ecommerce as being transactional, it’s about how work is actually done in a workflow.

Once you have Saber Commerce installed, simply navigate from the main WP Admin menu to Saber Commerce and click on the Accounts section. From here you can add a new account, or edit an existing account. In the accounts editor, click on Associate User to put a user into the current account.

Users can be a part of multiple accounts within a Saber Commerce install.

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