Elementor Pro Review for 2022

We use Elementor Pro and have several clients who do as well. This means we’re obviously biased towards choosing Elementor Pro over other options available. That being said, at this point we’ve already shifted a lot of our decision-making towards using Gutenberg. The workflow at this point even after Site Editing release in WordPress 5.9 is still not as user-friendly or as complete in Gutenberg as it is in Elementor.

Recently Elementor released it’s cloud-hosting service. This platforms lets users rapidly deploy a WordPress site that already has Elementor and the Elementor Pro version of the plugin pre-installed. This is an interesting development to observe because it showcases that Elementor isn’t backing down or going away anytime soon. Clearly Elementor feels as a company, that it still has a role to play in the WordPress ecosystem going forward.

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