Is Crocoblocks all it’s crocked up to be?

To answer this question in short: YES. Ukrainian based Crocoblocks is arguably one of the top 3 innovators in the WordPress ecosystem and might even deserve the top spot. They started as an Elementor addon builder, but have since grown to support Gutenberg in the majority of their products as well as built interesting plugins outside of the page builder space as well.

JetEngine is one of our favorite plugins of all time. We were long-time fans of ACF, and still are. However we rarely or never use ACF now because while ACF is great at what it does in providing an interface for custom fields… ACF lacks a front-end, leaving us to deal with the majority of the work in most solutions. Plus ACF only does fields, it doesn’t handle post type registrations and taxonomy registrations. Maybe it’s a bit unfair to even compare ACF with JetEngine because their just in a different class and used in different ways. Yet for us at least, when it comes to wanting a custom post type and features associated with indexing and rendering single posts, ACF was our previous starting point. JetEngine proved that we could get the full deal without really sacrificing much compared to a coded solution.

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