• Existing eCommerce software focuses almost exclusively on selling boxes.

    Over 95% of eCommerce software innovation in recent years was focused on product sales.

  • What if you sell dental services?

    Well that won’t fit in a box, better call it a virtual product.

    – Our Competition
  • What if our prospective clients need an estimate first, and an invoice later?

    That’s not eCommerce. Call us when you have something that fits in a box.

    – Our Competition
  • What if our prospective clients need an Over 90% of stores that run other WordPress eCommerce software require 2 or more paid extensions.

    Less isn’t always more, sometimes it’s just less.

  • Saber Commerce will always bake vital features into the core open source product instead of making them separate extensions.

    Are subscription payments really optional if you… run a business… and want revenue?

  • eCommerce continues to evolve

    Saber Commerce is ready with next-generation FINTECH software.

  • Frustrations with the high cost and individual licenses for extensions plague our competition.

    The WordPress community of site developers and owners is ready for a more comprehensive licensing format.

  • We know we’re facing big challenges in creating adoption of our software.

    Our approach will be to focus on new site builds and the service markets.

  • One of our innovative ways of driving sales will be to provide a SAAS version of Saber Commerce.

    This is one of the key potential drivers of sales because it enables developers and site owners to quickly build a hosted site and then migrate it to their own servers later.

  • We’re currently seeking capital investment to drive our development forward and help us reach a sustainable level of revenue.

    Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the opportunity to invest in Saber Commerce.