Introducing the Saber Commerce SLA (Service Level Agreement)

It isn’t always easy to find qualified developers to do custom programming projects. There are many great services available to help such as Upwork, Guru or Codeable. At Saber Commerce we focus heavily on creating the documentation and adding deep support for extending and customizing our product. It’s a big part of everything we plan, because enabling customization and extending is so important. It’s one of the reasons why customers choose to run Saber Commerce with WordPress, instead of relying on a SaaS (Software as a Service) where they sacrifice a lot of the control over their software.

For most customers that use Saber Commerce, finding a qualified 3rd party developer is the best choice. But for those who want the absolute best support for their Saber Commerce install, we do offer an SLA program directly from SaberWP. This program starts at $899 (USD) per month. It features a dedicated project manager who is available every week for consulting, advice and to roadmap work on your project. An SLA is designed to provide companies with assurance that we’re here to help and we that the scope of that help is significantly greater than what most contractors would normally provide.

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