Introducing the Customer Portal v2

Providing a customer portal is one of the most practical and savvy things any business can do with their website. It’s especially important for service businesses to distinguish themselves from the competition. We take it for granted that ecommerce sites like Amazon are going to provide us with a place we can view our orders, download receipts, track progress of shipping etc. So far though most service based businesses are far less consistent in offering customer portals. Most dentists and other medical professionals for instance do not offer a place on their website where clients can login.

Portal v2 Adds React App UX

Previous versions of Saber Commerce (1.3.5 and lower) had a relatively standard approach to the customer portal similar to WooCommerce. It offered various sections in a menu to view invoices, make payments etc. With v2 of the Customer Portal we’ve reworked the entire Portal Component to utilize React for the UX. The entire customer portal is a single React app. No page refreshes for your customers as they move from one screen to the next.

User Login & Account Features

Customers can register, login, logout and retrieve their password all from the Customer Portal app. No need to bounce over to the standard WP login screen, no page refreshes.

Our long-term vision for the customer portal is to put smaller businesses and freelancers on the same level playing field as some of the biggest corporations in the world. This means being able to deliver best-in-class services from day 1 by install WordPress, adding Saber Commerce and configuring the customer portal.

Casey Milne, SaberWP CEO

Figma was used to design and prototype the custom portal. A mobile-first design approach was used so that the portal could also become a PWA (Progressive Web App) and potentially a native mobile app later on.

An early draft of the custom portal UX for Saber Commerce v1.3.5.

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