Integration plans for Saber Commerce

One of the exciting things about building an app is thinking about not just what you’re own features can do, but what can your app connect to and utilize. With Saber Commerce the opportunities are vast in terms of what SACOM can connect to and integrate with. If anything we have… too many options… too many choices! We will be taking requests, so please send us your suggestions, cast your votes and if possible take the time to detail why a certain integration would benefit you as a Saber Commerce user.

SendGrid, MailChimp. We’d like to provide a better way to send emails than relying on the native WP Mail available through WordPress. We know on some servers this mailing approach can fail. Certainly delivery issues often occur. So integration of external email systems like SendGrid and MailChimp seem like they would help this out a lot. Whether you’re running Saber Commerce for invoicing, or for sale of products, emailing notices and statements is really important.

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