1 Promising Way to Integrate Website Social Logins (e.g., Facebook) with WordPress

Learn how (and why) to integrate Facebook login and registration with your WordPress site.

It’s a marketing science fact that website social logins increase conversions – To a great extent.

You may have already thought this thought is just based on your own personal preference for that enticing button that makes the process of registration easy. In case you wondered, is it just me, or is this commonplace, the answer is most internet users want a juicy button they can click instead of a registration form.

To be accurate, it can increase your sign-up rate by 20 percent [Source].

Even a registration form that is streamlined, like when it’s just “Enter email” to start, it’s still a barrier to entry. To be honest, typing or even auto-filling an email address makes most people hesitate here. On the contrary, if you have an option to “Sign up with Gmail” that requires one click, it’ll tempt users. That is what we call “gravity” that works against your website conversion objectives.

77% of consumers prefer to use website social logins when registering for a new account on a website

Survey conducted by Janrain

So, what’s the way out? Well, it is simple.

As WordPress Development Experts, our recommendation for all kinds of sites will be to enable social integrations on their website. From Facebook to Google and Twitter, your website should allow your audience to appreciate your products or posts in the way they prefer.

Technical Blockers to Social Integration

Alright, we understand. You might be thinking that integrating social login is tough.

Technically, it is actually tough.

Social login and registration services, by nature, require your website to talk to the service. Each service has a different API. In most cases, you need to build an “app” and follow some steps to verify that application before your site can utilize the service.

Fortunately, the term “app” here just refers to a reasonably small setup step that doesn’t require any coding. However, it does require integration code running on your website in order to do the integration process. This is where it can begin to get complicated.

Of course, like most technical challenges, there are WordPress plugins that can help. And in the next section, we have introduced one such plugin that our development team often uses during website social logins integration or Facebook login integration in WordPress. Take a quick look, and see how your brand grows in the virtual world.

WordPress Plugins for Website Social Logins

Nextend Social Login

Plugin to add website social logins capability in your WordPress site
Plugin to add website social logins capability in your WordPress site

Nextend Social Login and Register Plugin is a great way to let your site visitors log in to your website in a single click. It enables your audience to skip the lengthy registration process and use their existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts to complete the registration.

The plugin is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, UserPro, Ultimate Membership, and Easy Digital Downloads like famous plugins. And in case you want to enable more social logins, for example, LinkedIn, Amazon, PayPal, TikTok, Discord, GitHub, and so on, you can always switch to the PRO version of Nextend.

Getting started with our suggested plugin and enabling social logins with it is as easy as clapping. Once activated, your login page will immediately start showing additional buttons for social logins.

In case you find it difficult to use Nextend, comment below this post with your concern, and we will definitely try to help you out.

Want even more advanced social login features and integration, you can always rely on SaberWP Custom WordPress Development services.


Enabling social logins like Facebook, Google, and Twitter can improve the social interactions for your WordPress website. In the era of social media, it is more than important for a business to enable one-click social logins, making it easier for its readers, buyers, or audience to quickly get started with them. You can use any reliable WordPress Social Logins plugin to do so. And hence, there is no reason to avoid doing so.

Casey Milne

Founder of SaberWP. PHP Programmer for the past 20-years.