How to download your invoices in PDF format from Saber Commerce

Saber Commerce invoicing features PDF generation on-the-fly. A PDF format file is created each time changes are saved to your invoice, with the goal of always keeping the PDF updated and paired to the saved version. The first generation of the invoice will happen the first time the invoice is saved.

Because Saber Commerce has auto-saving in all it’s editors including the Invoice Editor, the PDF version of your invoices should be created immediately after you make any changes. There may be a split-second delay while the processing is completed on the server. There are 2 server processes that run and the PDF generation has to run after the save is complete in order to make a perfect copy of the current invoice data.

Click on the “Download PDF” link in the subheader of any invoice editor to download the PDF version of the invoice.


If you’re not seeing the PDF generated, that could indicate a problem with saving to the wp-content folder on your server. Saber Commerce creates a subdirectory at wp-content/sacom/invoices/ and if this folder for some reason is not writeable by PHP, then the invoices may not save.

If you don’t see the Download PDF button, contact SACOM Support.

If you click the Download PDF button and the invoice does not download, contact SACOM Support.

PDF Generation relies on a commonly used library DOMPDF. Most servers should support this PDF generation library as it uses fairly common PHP modules, but in the event that you see repeated failure of the PDF generation you may want to contact Saber Commerce to investigate further and check if you have the necessary PHP support for PDF generation installed on your hosting server.

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