How Saber Commerce plans to support marketplace development

Marketplace sites are sites that have multiple vendors. Many of the most popular sites we visit everyday are forms of marketplace sites such as Amazon. A smaller example is the popular Envato sites that sell a wide range of website assets, design templates, themes and more. These sites tend to have products from vendors rather than products sold by the site itself. A marketplace site could also have both it’s own products plus products fulfilled by vendors.

Several popular extensions exist for WooCommerce that help it to provide vendor support. In Saber Commerce we’re still deciding on what the approach will be to support vendors and marketplaces. One option is to natively provide support in Saber Commerce core. The other options is to build an extension that builds this functionality as a layer over top. Because Saber Commerce itself is modular, using a component system, it’s likely that the codebase for a separate plugin or for an internal core component would be almost identical.

So what exactly is the difference from a technical perspective between a regular ecommerce store and a marketplace?

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