How Saber Commerce plans to natively support subscriptions and recurring payments

WooCommerce users have long worried about how to support subscriptions and handle recurring payments. That’s because the original architecture of WC didn’t make any provisions or provide any native support for recurring payments. In fact it takes a certain amount of twisting and turning to get subscriptions to “fit” into the WC way of organizing payments with it’s payment model. In the early days this led to 3rd party extensions being built to fit this purpose, and some of those still remain widely used today. This in part because WC Subscriptions, the official extension for subscription payments is often criticized for being bulky, unfriendly to use and counter-intuitive for developers to work with.

At SACOM we don’t want to go down the path that WC went down in making subscriptions and recurring payments an after-thought. Native support for subscriptions is a must-have if we’re to be able to confidently compete with popular SaaS alternatives. And frankly, users deserve better than being told a core component of their business requires an additional extension, with all the work often involved in setup, configuration etc.

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