How and why working with junk code is soul sucking

As a long-time developer who worked freelance for most of the past 15-years I’ve had many less than idea working situations. For me being a developer I would describe as a mixed blessing. It enabled me to travel and be location independent, it also enabled me to have other freedoms. Financial freedom however, was not part of the package. And I talk about the financial struggles of being a developer at the mid or low end of the market in other articles. For this one I want to talk about the “work environment”, specifically the code that we’re asked to work with as developers.

I’m not talking here about the office, or the remote working location. Some developers do work in an office environment, but many also work like I do, remotely. I’m talking instead about what tends to matter more than “where we are” which is “what are we working with”. The codebase. The technology stack. Let’s talk about the challenge (often the pain) of working with junk code.

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