Hiring developers to customize and extend Saber Commerce

One of the biggest selling points of using open source, self-hosted software like Saber Commerce is that you have the power to create exactly what your business needs. You own it just as much as we do as the developers of it, and just as much as anybody else does thanks to the GPL licensing associated with it. Now on a practical basis, changing the Saber Commerce plugin itself is not advisable. If you do this you won’t get the constant updates that are making it better, and from that point forward you’ll be stuck managing the entire codebase as if you built it yourself. So don’t “hack the plugin”. Instead, extend it, customize it… build on top of it.

We think about our customers and their experience (mainly with the UX) first and foremost. But the other group we care about a lot is the developer community. We want our product to be an example of thorough document. We strive to make it easy for developers to get started customizing and extending Saber Commerce. So hiring a 3rd party developer who has previous Saber Commerce experience is going to be the best option for most businesses.

Unlike most of our competitors in the space, SaberWP supports Saber Commerce directly by offering enterprise level SLA service agreements. These service agreements are effectively a contract where your company chooses to hire SaberWP to support your SACOM integrations. This service is costly, and is not going to work for everybody. However, it ensures support that is dedicated and takes responsibility for the smooth operation of your entire scope of your SACOM powered solutions. SLA agreements start at $899 per month and include a dedicate project manager that will consult with you and roadmap the customization work that you want done as well as list any development related issues.

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