Saber Dashboard

Saber Dashboard is a WordPress plugin that provides user account dashboard functionality. This can be viewed as an alternative to the WooCommerce "My Accounts", or various dashboards for users and members provided by common WP membership plugins. As a stand-alone plugin Saber Dashboard's focus is on integration with plugins that provide dashboard suitable reports.

A major focus of Saber Dashboard is the integration with WooCommerce in order for the plugin to serve as a suitable replacement for WC My Accounts.

File Reference


Main plugin file. 35 LOC (lines of code).

Provides template_include hook used to load the dashboard main template file.

Hook Reference

[FILTER] saber_dashboard_register_screen

This filter passes an array of $registered_screens and expects you to return the same array with any modifications that have been made. The $registered_screens array is used to build the dashboard menu and to provide the screen content. Each item in the $registered_screens array must be an object with the type \SaberDashboard\Screen.

See the documentation for \SaberDashboard\Screen to discover how to define your additional screen before registering it using saber_dashboard_register_screen.

Installing Saber Dashboard

Saber Dashboard is a tech lab project that is in the very stages of experimentation. Please consider this software to be in alpha release and DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTION WEBSITES under any circumstances due to the instability and frequent breaking changes being pushed to the distribution repo.

Saber Dashboard is a free WordPress plugin released under GPL3 licensing. There is no cost to use or alter the software and no limitations except those explicitly outlined under the GPL3 license. Saber Dashboard plugin is part of the free "Saber Line" of WordPress plugins developed and distributed by SaberWP. There is no pro version of other paid version of the software at this time, nor are there any plans to make a paid version of this plugin.

Download the source code or clone the repo from

Saber LMS Integration

Saber Dashboard has an integration with Saber LMS that allows the dashboard to render out a list of registered courses.

Q2, April - June 2023 Roadmap

The main focus of development in the second quarter of 2023 is to provide excellent WooCommerce support. The goal of Saber Dashboard is to effectively replace the "My Account" section normally provided by WooCommerce. At the same time, Saber Dashboard must also support custom tabs, menu items and screens and enable plugins to easily push dashboard content into the rendered dashboard. This support made possible primarily through WordPress action hooks is vital to making the plugin truly versatile and capable of supporting dynamic reporting.

The first plugin to utilize the dynamic WordPress hooks that Saber Dashboard will provide is Saber LMS which will start with providing a course registration list. This is anticipated to be released by the middle of the quarter in early May.

Activate Dashboard Tabs

Saber Dashboard works on the basis of providing a range of possible "tabs" that are available and rendered to the user. Plugins provide these tabs and the content that is shown on the corresponding dashboard screen by implementing the Saber Dashboard hooks made available by the plugin. The first such implementation is from another product in the Saber Line of free WordPress plugins, Saber LMS.

With Saber LMS active, you will now be presented with the option to activate the Registered Courses tab for the Saber Dashboard. When active this tab will be provided to the user as a menu item titled "Courses" and on the screen shown for this tab will be a list of the Saber LMS courses that the user has registered for.


Saber Dashboard plugin installed on the plugins page.
Saber Dashboard GitHub repo, this GPL3 software is completely free to use or adapt.
Default dashboard view from the live dashboard at