Getting Started Guide

If you’re new to using Saber Commerce, start here to learn the basics and get setup.

Installing Saber Commerce #

Saber Commerce is a free WordPress plugin hosted in the official WordPress plugins directory at You can download the latest release from the WordPress plugin listings page. However the more convenient way to install Saber Commerce is to search and install it using the Add New Plugin section of your WordPress site.

Search for Saber Commerce from the WP Admin > Plugins > Add New page.

After installing Saber Commerce into your WordPress site, remember to click “Activate” either from the add page or from your plugins management page at WP Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Configure Saber Commerce Settings #

Your first stop after installing Saber Commerce should be the settings page under Saber Commerce > Settings.

Under the General Settings tab enter your company name and address information. This is especially important if you’re using the invoicing system.

What’s Next? #

Consider creating an invoice at Saber Commerce > Invoices > Add New. For more information see the docs section of this user guide on Invoice Creation.

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