ACF Engine Plugin

ACF Engine is an ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields) extension that provides WordPress asset registration including CPT (Custom Post Type) registration, Taxonomy (category & tag) registration and block type registration.

Download ACF Engine from the GitHub repo at

Repo Install

ACF Engine is a free WordPress plugin distributed under the GPL3 license. Developers can download the plugin source code or a release package from the public GitHub repo at

2023 Roadmap

Q2, April - June 2023

During Q2 the development focus is on reducing the scope and complexity of the ACF Engine plugin. This is due to scope creep and the emergence of systemic bugs in the plugin during recent feature additions. For instance currently the plugin loads a variety of assets such as Tailwind CSS and GSAP (animation library). These assets are rarely, or never used or needed by the plugin for it's primary functionality. They were part of an effort to build a wide scoped plugin that included a core block library and support various rendering features similar to that of a page builder. With the new focus, these assets will be removed, the core block library will be trimmed or eliminated entirely. The focus will shift entirely to maximizing the support for and consistency of the WordPress registration feature set including CPT, custom taxonomy, block types and front-end form registrations.

WP Admin

ACF Engine Dashboard page.
Post type editor.

ACF Engine FAQ

Q: Is ACF Engine compatible with the latest version of WordPress and ACF Pro?

A: Yes, the ACF Engine Plugin is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro.