Discover the Power of the ClickUp API

ClickUp has a great API. The documentation is clear using a standard format. We’ve found working with ClickUp simple and reasonably intuitive.

If you’re just looking for the ClickUp API docs please don’t let us get in the way! Also please come back soon to SaberWP where we use ClickUp as part of a high quality project management approach to delivering WordPress solutions to our clients.

We adopted ClickUp in early 2021 so it’s been about a year using the system now. We’ve seen a lot of other agencies in the WordPress space make the switch to ClickUp as well. Recently we helped one of our key clients, a major European real estate brokerage switch over to ClickUp for most of their development work and even for the management of recruiting processes and marketing campaigns. Notably that company is also a Salesforce customer and it’s interesting to see how companies are choosing tools that have some overlaps, although technically SF and ClickUp are in different sectors. The ClickUp is a factor in the decision-making for some companies in adoption of ClickUp, though for most it’s more like a check off item on the list because few have a specific plan on how they will utilize the available API options.

Using ClickUp API with PHP

Currently ClickUp does not have an official PHP SDK or API client for the ClickUp API. At SaberWP our experiments with the ClickUp API did lead to creation of a project that uses GuzzleHTTP to create a ClickUp API client in PHP. This came at a time when were planning to create a client area in SaberWP for our clients to view projects this way and see reports fed by ClickUp data. That direction did not come to fruition due to other projects taking those resources, but it was an interesting idea. We settled on inviting our clients as guests to the ClickUp space instead of using the ClickUp API this way. We’re still working on finding a good usage for the ClickUp API with PHP, but you can rest assured any PHP project you have can use the ClickUp API either with CURL or a 3rd party client wrapper, or with your own client package built with tools like GuzzleHTTP.

If you haven't already got a ClickUp account please use our rewards link to open your new ClickUp account today. It helps support our content production as we receive a small payment for each registration even when it's for the free version of ClickUp. Thanks!

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