Development Pitfalls When Hiring Developers

When you’re hiring developers, either as freelancers or a development agency, it can be very challenging to get good value for your money. There are some significant risks. Unfortunately a lot of good ideas or business opportunities are lost each year due to development project failures.

Let’s look at some of the outcomes you probably want to avoid when hiring developers:

  1. Being outright scammed by fraudulent developers or agencies. This includes fake devs and agencies that will drag a project out to obtain payments while never intending (or being capable of) delivering a finished product.
  2. Hiring people who are mostly or completely incompetent and who simply cannot deliver the technical solutions with any reasonable quality level.
  3. Hiring developers who are unusually or unreasonably slow leading to much higher than expected costs. This includes developers making significant mistakes that lead to redoing work, or just developers not having the experience or skill to solve problems efficiently.
  4. Hiring developers who lack the technical skills to finish the project, or to support the more advanced goals for the project. This category presumes the developers are actually capable at a certain level, just not at the level needed for the full scope of a project. This leads to part of the project being successfully delivered, but ultimately failure arrives before the entire project is complete.
  5. Developers that use poor practices in terms of code structure, deployment processes, code maintenance and other facets of the development process. The results of this can sometimes be temporarily hidden, which leads to buyers being unaware of the issues.

Casey Milne

Founder of SaberWP. PHP Programmer for the past 20-years.