Converting timesheets to invoice in Saber Commerce

One of the key goals of Saber Commerce is to make the process of creating and managing invoices as efficient as possible. Our core belief is that if time is tracked, it should be as good as already billed. Ideally that means total automation of the process from time tracking to invoicing. However we also understand that won’t feel comfortable to every user, so we offer the option to semi-automate the process or even do the conversion from timesheet to invoice manually.

The manual conversion of a timesheet to an invoice happens from the timesheet UX. From the main WP Admin menu visit the Saber Commerce Timesheet section at WP Admin > Saber Commerce > Timesheets. Select the timesheet you want to convert to an invoice. The timesheet will load into edit mode, now click the “Generate Invoice” button in the upper menu above the timesheet editor. You will see a notice confirming the invoice has been generated along with a link to view it in the Invoices Section of Saber Commerce. You can either review the invoice now, or continue generating more invoices from other timesheets.

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