Comparing WordPress to Strapi

A lot of people are now talking about headless CMS in the WordPress community. I thought it would be interesting to revisit a framework I first noticed a few years ago with fresh eyes. That system is called Strapi and it’s an increasingly popular headless CMS. Unlike WordPress which is a full headed CMS (is that the right terminology?) out of the box, Strapi never has a front-end. It is always headless! And it runs on NodeJS, which I find interesting because back when I first looked at it about 3 years ago I quite new to NPM and React. Now I work with React a lot more, I’m more comfortable with the whole set of modern JS technologies. This is definitely an advantage when trying out these systems, you want to be able to understand what’s going on at least. It’s actually quite easy to get started with Strapi and with the common companion front-end system, NextJS.

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