Comparing Saber Commerce to Sprout Invoices plugin

Although we might someday strive to provide a real alternative to WooCommerce, at this point Saber Commerce is primarily an invoicing tool. We’re aiming to break into the market with our focus on time tracking and billable time sales, using invoicing. This focus area seems to be a blindspot for Woo, but there are plugins that already focus on this area. Sprout Invoices is probably the most prominent right now. Let’s take a look at how the plugins compare.

Free Version Provided

We’re big supporters of open source and in fact much of our philosophy for development is about democratizing software, making it more accessible. Isn’t that what makes WordPress great?

Sprout Invoices has a free version of it’s plugin available to everyone at Saber Commerce is also listed in the WordPress official plugin directory.


Of the two plugins only Sprout currently offers estimates.

Client or Customer Accounts

Both Saber Commerce and Sprout Invoices have client or customer accounts. Saber Commerce uses the generic “Accounts” terminology. In Saber Commerce individual users are associated with accounts, so the account can be used as a company account when doing B2B sales.

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