Gutenberg Blocks

Welcome to our guide to the Gutenberg blocks landscape. If your new to Gutenberg blocks, or looking to explore the available Gutenberg blocks in core and 3rd party plugins, you’ve arrived at the right place. What are Gutenberg Blocks? Gutenberg Blocks are UX elements that can can be dropped into pages and posts in WordPress….

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Calculating ROI but Were Afraid to Ask

One of the reasons I really enjoy writing about ROI (Return on Investment) is because this ranks as one of the most important strategic decision-making skills a business owner can have. Without it your decision-making isn’t rooted in science and you tend to follow a lot lesser decision-making drivers including something being trendy, your gut…

Why WordPress fails to structure data properly and what we can do about it

In any CMS system there is usually some form of convention for how data is organized into structures we can understand and put a label on. In WordPress this is the “post system”. By default you get 2 post types, “posts” and “pages”. The pages are a unique type of post, basically the first and…

Working with Google Maps in WordPress

Working with Google Maps in WordPress

Working with Google Maps in WordPress in most respects isn’t any different from working with Google Maps in any other platform. There are times however when you will setup data using post meta, or cache data into the WordPress database, or any number of related tasks that are WordPress specific. Loading the Google Maps Javascript…