1000 practical marketing steps

This is a compilation of practical marketing steps. This is about documenting and sharing some realistic, bite-size marketing steps for small businesses. It will focus around things we’ve actually done at SaberWP, or things we’ve directly been involved in helping our clients do. This isn’t a comparison or endorsement of specific strategies, it’s instead meant…

The importance of a precise issue reporting system in website and software development

Project management is a major factor in the efficiency and capabilities of any development team. For us it’s in ClickUp where the business objectives become requirements and translate into workable tickets. On complex projects, managing tickets can be challenging. What always helps is having clarity and a reasonable level of detail in every ticket created….

Research into Obtaining Mexican Residency

If you’re considering applying for residency in Mexico, we’ve put together this collection of resource links and keynotes from our own research into the topic. Taxation in Mexico for Expats Key takeaway: If you have operations in Panama and Mexico, income should go into Panama and Mexico should bill the Panama corporation for services rendered….