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Awesome Technologies Round-up

We’re big fans of great software and technologies that help power the world and empower us. Here are a few of our favorites.


A relative newcomer to the project management and collab space, ClickUp has taken the industry by storm. It’s just plain better than anything else we’ve ever tried to use, making most competition look light-weight at best. ClickUp is not only a tool we rely on to organize and plan every stage of development at SaberWP, but it’s also a major inspiration for our software design process.

OpenShot Cloud API

Did you know you can make videos using CODE??? Yes it’s true, and in fact not only is it possible it’s increasing becoming drop dead simple thanks to amazing API’s like OpenShot’s Cloud API. Another option in this category worth mentioning is ShotStack, which is arguably the fastest way to get up and running using a video production API. However we use OpenShot Cloud API because it’s a more robust system that runs as a machine instance on your own AWS EC2 server. With just a few simple setup steps to launch an EC2 server and configure OpenShot Cloud API machine package, you can be running your own video production API and begin making videos using your favorite programming language.

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