Adding Support for a New Payment Method

Saber Commerce has a filter to help in registering a new Payment Method. This filter is “sacom_payment_methods” and it provides 1 argument $methods to the callback, which is an array of all payment methods currently registered in the system.

All payment methods must extend the base PaymentMethod class, which is namespaced as shown below:


At this point in time support for payment methods in 3rd party extension plugins is incomplete. We still haven’t worked out certain aspects of data storage and providing a uniform way of handling payment gateway reference data. The payment method registry data will get you part of the way, but currently there may be gaps in terms of processing and data storage. We intend to continue adding new payment methods over time and will include some of these from extension plugins which will help test the hooks related to payment methods.

Please reach out to us via support if you want us to include a payment method integration in a future version, or if you want help integration a payment method in a 3rd party extension.

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