SaberWP is a division of SABER TECH UKRAINE, a Ukrainian registered LLC based in Lviv, UA. Our firm hires subcontractors to work remotely around the world, but the majority of our developers are located in the Ukraine. Despite the challenges of working during a war, our developers are well equipped to meet those challenges and have taken great measures to ensure their able to continue their important work. These measures include backup power systems, secondary internet connections, and the ability to relocate in the event of a long-term power outage or other issue that would block their ability to continue working.

We're dedicated to being a part of the rebuilding of Ukraine as well as involved in the current war effort. As part of this dedication we donate 2.5% of our gross revenues each month to a selection of registered charities operating in the Ukraine including UA24, UNITED24 - The initiative of the President of Ukraine (u24.gov.ua).