3 use cases that guide development of Saber Commerce

It’s important when building software to think about the audience (the users) and how they will actually use your app. When your building something big and versatile like we are with Saber Commerce, we want it to support a wide range of uses. Yet on a day-to-day basis, we find it very helpful to think about more specific and specialized use cases. There 3 use cases we currently build for in the early stages of Saber Commerce (v1.x) are:

  1. Selling Services & Customer Portal. This is the primary use case envisioned in the creation of Saber Commerce. A scratch your own itch focus. We know from experience that invoicing, time sales and providing a customer portal are almost impossible to do with WooCommerce and other existing plugins. That’s why we baked time tracking, invoicing and a customer portal into the core of Saber Commerce.
  2. Print-on-Demand product sales. This use case means being able to list POD products in a catalog, and handles sales of those products. It also (potentially) means integration support for the POD provider (Printful, Printify etc.) plugins that are used to calculate shipping. Also potentially a need here to have a specialized extension for any aspects of POD that we should not bake into Saber Commerce core.
  3. Affiliate product sales. Our ideas for affiliate product sales support include adding a product type that can be used exclusively for affiliate products. We’ll also be examining how Saber Commerce can support effectively displaying affiliate products, given that this is usually done by embedding affiliate products into other content rather than listing them directly in a shop catalog.

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